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"People always say a car dealer is never your friend. Well, in the case of Mastro, for once, I beg to differ. First off, I purchased a new 2011 Forester 2.5X Premium from them. Can I say, I love this car! Everything I wanted and so much more. Secondly, the Mastro team is chock full of absolute professionals in every sense of the word. Product experts; friendly; informative; and a downright pleasure to do business with. After looking at a used Forester at Bob Dance down the street and experiencing the worst of the worst--every bad stereo type in car sales was reality at Bob Dance--common sense prevailed and I drove down the street to Mastro. (I'd had a great conversation with Jim Bowman and decided to see the Mastro team in person). From minute one, the experience was fantastic. And they said they could put me into a new Subie for a better price than Bob Dance was trying to pressure me into for a 3 year old Subie. And, Mastro did just that. Had two favorites there. Jim and Joe S. showed me every single feature on my two faves. Friendly and relaxed is an understatement here. These folks really helped me make informed choices based on my price and feature criteria. Sarah pulled out all the stops to make sure I was within my budget, and thrilled with the car. I drove home with a smile on my face that I can't get rid of 24 hours later.

These folks are down to earth, and love Subies. They work as a team and you can tell they genuinely enjoy working together, and are excited and passionate about their products. Very relatable and even after I signed on the dotted line, the great service just kept on keeping on. Jim even helped me set up my bluetooth system. 

I would recommend them again and again and you can bet that they've secured a customer for life in me. Thanks guys! Really, a fantastic experience from end to end".


Great job over at Mastro Subaru. After 2 months of searching for the right model with the right specs and of course the right price. Mastro Subaru pulled out in front of 7 other Subaru dealerships in FL. Thanks again, looking forward to are next purchase!


We would recommend mastro to anyone. they were most accommodating. the friendliest dealer we have dealt with and we are retired so we have experience with many dealers. the first time we got there we were able to get get out of our car and stroll around the lot without being hasselled by a sales person. we never were pushed by the dealer which was refreshing. our salesperson, kendra was very good, mellow and patient with us. joe the sales manager was the best, he understood us very well, was the kind of person you would like to have at your house for dinner the same for sarah the finance manager. she was clear and concise, knew her business. and sarah is just a very pleasant person to work with. it took about 2 months for us to "take the plunge" and purchase the outback. we liked the family type atmosphere at this dealership. very different than most. even though i am retired i will tell you i could work for people like these. it would be a pleasure going to work. and the outback is exceeding our expectations (as they say in the customer service world.) and that is the important thing. i might add that the price of the car was fair to us and also the dealer and we did well in that respect also.


Excellent experience with this dealership! Joe , our salesman was fantastic, I never felt like I was dealing with a salesman, more like a good friend. Absolutely no pressure, and he was very knowledgeable about the car. Gave me a great price for my trade-in, and sold the new one at a very reasonable price. Mastro Subaru is the only place I would recommend to my friends and family!!


First of all I did my research, contacting over 15 Subaru dealers around Fla, Ga, and S.C. I went with Mastro Subaru in Sanford because of my initial contact with their internet sales advisor, Diane Greenlaw. Her Charisma and customer service skills were refreshing and convincing. She gave me the feeling like she really cared and wanted to help, not out of obligation either, but out of pure kindness. I mean how many people can say they bought a car from someone and actually wanted to hug them, well I can say that about Diane. She really got me the best deal out of alot of dealers that I called. The whole office staff was courteous and friendly. This was the single best car buying experience I have ever had, even with my history of buying from a close family friends dealership. The car was delivered in excellent condition and looked amazing. I definetely recommend this dealer and I know when I need another car in the future, well, I hope Diane is still there.


After getting treated very poorly at Sport Subaru in Orlando we went to Mastro and met with Chelsea. She took great care of us. Even when we couldn't get the car that night, she keep working and two days later we had the car. We were treated very well and felt like they truly appreciated our business. We drove from Kissimmee and it was well worth the drive. Sara was great too and got us a great deal on the service packages. Chelsea's knowledge of the vehicle was impressive. We never felt like she was talking down to us. It is also impressive that most of the employees drive Subarus. You don't see that very often.


I needed a reliable vehicle that would accomodate my family that I could afford. Christine guided me through the financial application and helped me select a used vehicle that not only met my needs but surpassed them. She was genuine, helpful, and knowledgeable. Sarah in the finance office worked to get us a loan agreement that was better than we had expected. The whole process was stress free. Everyone was kind, courteous, and upfront. You truly felt that they had your best interests at heart. My sister recommended them to me, and I would highly recommend them to anyone else. Thanks for everything!


I found an advertised price on the internet, called Chelsey and was able to get all the information I needed, including what I would receive for trade in value on my old car. We where able to make a deal over the phone, as it was almost an hour drive for me to get to their dealership. When I had arrived, the deal had not changed and the car was in even better condition than I expected. Everyone was fast, effecient and very friendly. I have had to purchase 6 cars in the past 5 years, and this was the best experience I have ever had buying a car.